Nolato AGM 2020

Shareholders' rights to have matters addressed

In accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, a shareholder has the right under certain conditions to have a matter addressed at an Annual General Meeting. A condition is that the shareholder has notified the Board of Directors within a specified time.

A matter is an issue that is relevant for the company and is within the limits of the Annual General Meeting’s competence and which may be the subject for a decision by the Meeting. A mere request for information is not such a matter, nor does the law give the shareholder the right to solely make general statements at the Annual General Meeting.

A request from a shareholder to have a matter dealt with at the 2020 Annual General Meeting must be received by the Board of Directors not later than March 16, 2019.

The request must be sent to the Board of Directors of Nolato AB, Nolato AB, ℅ Henrik Jorlén, e-mail or general mail Kommendörsgatan 4, 269 77 Torekov.

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Shareholders' rights to have matters addressed 

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