Compatherm Paste

Paste to meet your most demanding applications

Compatherm Paste belongs to our product family of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), made with high quality materials and developed to meet the rapidly increasing requirement for high performance thermal solutions in the high-tech electronics industry. Compatherm Paste is a thin bondline material for the most demanding applications, where thermal resistances must be kept at an absolute minimum. Compatherm Paste can be dispensed or screen printed, enabling optimum heat transfer in the interface interface between high heat flux components and high-performance heat sinks.

Compatherm Paste benefits

  • Very high performance due to ultra-thin bondline
  • Allows bondlines down to tens of microns
  • Reduced contact resistance due to superior wetting
  • Highly thixotropic, with minimum migration
  • Stable composition with no dry-out
  • Dispensable and screen printable materials

Thermal Management White Paper #1

White paper


Thermal Management White Paper #2

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Compatherm® is a registered trademark

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