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Nolato Offers a Broad Range of Capabilities Supporting You

Our capabilities cover the entire spectrum in working with, around and beyond polymer based materials. With our company culture of empowering expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we support you in delivering a time sensitive, precision oriented, quality focused and competitive solution for you and your end users.

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Our Capabilities

Development partner

Development Partner

Working in close collaboration with us ensures the resources, control and tools needed for effective development.
Robus design

Robust Design

Testing the product virtually before it is manufactured ensures a robust design without adding expensive certainty factors.
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injection molding machine

Injection Molding Plastics

Nolato has over 50 years of experience within advanced injection molding based on thermoplastics and TPE. 
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injection moulding silicone

Injection Molding Silicone

Silicone is very suitable for use in medical applications. Nolato is world leading in silicone injection molding, with more than 40 years of experience. 
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blow moulding

Injection Blow Molding

Nolato is one of the leading specialists in injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding of bottles and containers.
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dip molding robot

Dip Molding

Nolato has more than 70 years of experience in advanced dip molding of latex products with high requirements.
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Nolato has extensive experience in extrusion of high quality complex tubing and profiles made of thermoplastics, TPEs or silicone materials.
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Decoration Technologies

Nolato in-house decoration technologies gives you almost endless appearance possibilities
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Micro molded part

Micro Molding

Micro molding is a concept used in making either extremely small parts or parts in temperature sensitive materials.
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Die-Cut Technologies

Nolato has developed advanced die cut technologies with multiple applications such as gaskets, sealings, logotypes, covers, tapes etc. in a large number of materials.
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Nolato tool shop

Tool Manufacturing

Our tool-shop in Beijing is specialized in high-speed and high-quality manufacturing of tools for products with substantial cosmetic content.
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semi-manual assembly

Assembly Solutions

Nolato’s expertise and experience in assembly solutions, means we can always offer the right degree of automation: manual, semi-automated or fully-automated high-speed assembly.
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clean room

Clean Room production

We produce with special requirements in class 7, 8 and 9 clean rooms in Europe, Asia and North America. 
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emc shielding

EMI Shielding

Reliable solutions for electromagnetic compability for application areas as telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, medical and security.
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thermal interface materials

Thermal Management

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) developed to meet the ever increasing need for reliable, cost efficient thermal management in high-tech industries.
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punched engine gasket

Flat Bed Punching

We have extensive experience and know how in flat bed punching in different materials as fibres, metal and plastics for the automotive industry.
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Laser bonding

Laser Activated Bonding

Laser bonding is a Nolato developed bonding technique for the assembly of components such as display screen panels. The technology makes it easy to rework the materials.
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Ceramics Injection Molding

We injection mold Zirconia ceramics for small size applications with premium mechanical, cosmetic and functional properties for wearable devices and other premium products.
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