Focus on: Assembly

Assembly solutions

Nolato offers an array of assembly and joining technologies including ultrasonic & vibration welding, heat staking, gluing, laser bonding and mechanical press-fit to name just a few. These technologies are used at all assembly levels, from manual to HSAM.

Nolato’s expertise and experience in assembly solutions, means we can always offer the right degree of automation: manual, semi-automated or fully automated high-speed assembly.

In HSAM (High Speed Assembly) applications, we offer for instance Cam-driven, indexed, systems. This is a technology for assembling parts with very high accuracy in applications where long service life is critical. The cam drive secures a perfect synchronization between the working units. We also offer Continuous Motion assembly, in which multiple processes occur without interruption for every cycle, effectively overlapping. With a capacity up to 1 200 pcs per minute, it is well suited for very high volume production.

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