Focus on: Rotary die cutting

Rotary die cut technologies

Nolato has extensive experience in rotary cutting techniques. These are often combined to offer an optimal solution. We offer world leading quality and capacity manufacturing of traditional and advanced die cut parts in both standard and cleanroom environment.

Rotary die cutting

Suitable for converted products, often supplied on rolls. Tape is the most common product. Others are thin metal foils, textiles, thin foam materials, and various plastics. This technique offers an impressive level of precision at high speeds, which means low production cost for large volumes.



Technique enables tool-free quick prototyping and mass production.



Technique involves the joining of various materials through welding, riveting or taping, and often solves many problems for customers, especially cost-related ones.



Two or more materials can provide properties that a single material cannot offer. Tape is often one of the materials laminated with plastics, textiles and foam materials or metals.

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