Focus on: Dip molding

Dip molding

Nolato’s extensive experience in dip molding with advanced process control ensures consistent output of high quality products.

We manufacture products in natural latex as well as synthetic latex materials in automated production systems in both hygiene and clean room class 8 environment. Our material technicians have developed our own Nolato material formulations and we can develop customer unique formulations if necessary.

The dip molding technology provides unique product design possibilities and with our extensive experience we can support you from shorttime prototyping to robust and validated production with a consistent output of high quality products making sure that your requirements and expectations are met.

Nolato is one of the largest producers in the world for dip-molded anesthesia breathing bags and selected as a partner by the market leaders in the anesthesia machinery and breathing circuit markets and our catheter balloons are used worldwide.

Basic facts:

  • Processing of Synthetic and Natural Latex rubber
  • Nolato material formulations as well as customer unique formulations
  • Hygiene and clean room class 8 manufacturing
  • Robust and validated processes
  • In house prototype tools
  • Low tool investments and short lead times
  • Complex parts can stripped easily due to the materials high elasticity

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