Focus on: Heat transfer

Thermal interface material

Compatherm, Nolato’s range of thermally conductive materials, is used to facilitate the transfer of heat from hot components to, e.g. on a PCB, to heat sinks and cold plates. The purpose of these materials is to displace the pockets of insulating air that form in the irregularities between surfaces, and thereby reduce the thermal resistance.

Nolato's thermal interface material is positioned directly against both the electronic component and the heatsink, filling the air pockets and irregularities that otherwise prevent heat dissipation.

The material is used for more efficient cooling of electronics in the telecom, automotive, home electronics, IT and medical technology sectors.

Marketed under the CompaTherm brand, the thermal interface material consists of silicone that contains a thermal interface material with an electrically insulating filler. This creates a soft but stable cushion that gives the product both good mechanical properties and an excellent ability to dissipate heat.

The thermal interface material is available in two forms; from a dispenser or as pads.


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