Overall approach to product after customer moved production

When a major international pharmaceutical company moved production of a vaginal applicator from a US-based manufacturer to Nolato Medical in Sweden, an overall approach was adopted to give the product a new start.

A while ago, a large international pharmaceutical company asked Nolato Medical to take over production of an applicator for self-administration of vaginal medication.

The product had previously been manufactured in the US, which was far from ideal logistically. There was also scope for developing the design in order to simplify production and ensure quality.

But the pharmaceutical company wasn’t particularly interested in having exclusive rights to the product.

“The solution resulted in us ­adopting an overall approach to the product,” explains Kristian Larsson at Nolato Medical in Hörby, Sweden. “We redesigned it and have created an optimised production solution, right up to the packaged product.

“Our customer gained some advantage in using the updated applicator design, but we are now also offering it to other pharmaceutical companies,” says Kristian Larsson. “We can easily adapt the design of the product to suit different tablet sizes.

“We can also provide it with individual markings, logo and exterior design as part of the production process.”

The applicator is produced using a fully automated, continual process that comprises two-stage injection moulding, application of exterior design, assembly of the components, individual sealing of each applicator in a plastic bag and batch packaging of sealed applicators in larger plastic bags. 

A production hall at Nolato MediTech

The entire process takes place in a class 8 clean room at Nolato Medical in Hörby, Sweden.

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