Medical Excellence tool to create a world-class business

The Medical Excellence concept is now being rolled out across all Medical Solutions units, with the aim of creating a world-class medical business.

“We already have a highly effective and quality-focused operation within our business area,” says Johan Iveberg, President of Medical Solutions. “But we’ve also grown considerably, both organically and through acquisitions, and we now want to ensure that all parts of our business have the same focus on quality, customer value, efficiency, sustainability and safety.”

Medical Excellence is essentially based on the principles and values that together constitute the Nolato Spirit and that underpin the entire Group. These are then developed with additional factors in order to best address the specific conditions of the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

“Medical Excellence isn’t actually a particular way of working, it’s more of a way of approaching our work,” explains Glenn Svedberg, who along with his job as Managing Director of pharmaceutical packaging producer Nolato Cerbo is now also taking on the role of global responsibility for quality assurance for the entire business area. 


A can-do attitude

“We don’t just work from physical factors, we also work a lot from softer values such as involvement, commitment and, in particular, a can-do attitude. If we constantly aim to exceed our customers’ expectations we will have come a long way towards achieving our goal of ensuring long-term strong competitiveness for both our customers and ourselves.”


Continuous improvements

So, for example, a constant quest for  new and better ways of doing things is an important element of Medical Excellence. Employees cooperate to make their day-to-day work even more efficient, easier to perform and more satisfying. This gives everyone a better understanding of the business, the big picture and the individual’s role in this.

“Before Medical Excellence I used to just accept problems and things that couldn’t be done,” explains Michal Al-Assaf, technical coordinator at Nolato MediTech. “Now, I see opportunities for improvements everywhere, it’s like a wheel that’s constantly turning and gaining momentum from positive results every day.”


Commitment is key

Employee involvement is probably one of the most important elements of the Medical Excellence approach. Their capabilities, skills, desire to learn and ability to adapt are valuable in making continual improvements.

“Line management is trying to solve problems by being actively present in the place where the value occurs, rather than staying in their silo,” explains Glenn Svedberg. “By being visible and available, they provide supportive leadership that involves employees and generates a culture of transparency, mutual trust, teamwork and continual learning.”


A guarantee for customers

The Medical Excellence system also provides a guarantee that customers will have their products produced at the right quality, the right time and to the right specifications. Key performance indicators on safety, quality, service level and efficiency are measured continually. Not just to monitor the constant ongoing improvement efforts but also to ensure that the business is complying with laws, regulations and standards and fulfilling the principles of lean manufacturing and good manufacturing practice (GMP).


Environmental concern is integral

As part of the commitments under Medical Excellence, the company also takes responsibility for sustainable development by reducing the environmental impact of both the business and its products. In all processes, environmental concern is a natural element in reducing emissions to air and water, and to minimise waste and consumption of water, energy and other natural resources.

“There’s actually nothing surprising about this, it’s not exactly a groundbreaking idea,” says Johan Iveberg. “But we have put everything into a coordinated system, with everyone working together, towards the same objectives and collectively helping to achieve our vision of operating a world-class business.”


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