Expanding to boost capacity at US-based Nolato Contour

Nolato Contour in the US is now also increasing capacity by enlarging production, including through new cleanrooms.

Nolato’s unit in the US, Nolato Contour, is based in the Swedish communities south-west of the Great Lakes in the state of Wisconsin, not far from Minneapolis.
Nolato has had a Medical Solutions unit here since 2010. The plant is now being expanded to increase capacity, with parts of the facility also being adapted to Industrial Solutions production.


New cleanrooms

“The facility is being extended by 2,500 square metres,” explains Director of Business Development Mattias Persson, who has been with Nolato Contour since Nolato acquired the plant. “The new section will include two new cleanrooms, one of which is already running at full ¬≠capacity with new medical production and the ¬≠other is being prepared for further expansion.


Production of hygiene products

“Alongside the new building, we’ve also created space in the existing plant to start production for the Industrial Solutions business area. This involves the production of hygiene products for the US market for a customer that Nolato already manufactures for in Europe,” adds Mattias.

Manufacturing of hygiene products will take place entirely separately from the existing medical production to ensure an efficient, customised production flow.

The new production will begin in the first quarter of 2019.


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