The mobile phone sector is still an important customer group for Nolato, but this is now being added to by customers producing activity trackers, exclusive speaker systems, Bluetooth-enabled jewellery, vaporiser heating products and other consumer products with integrated electronics.

Expertise in portable consumer electronics leads to new customers

For 20 years, Nolato has developed and produced advanced components for portable consumer electronics products. These have mainly been complex polymer product systems for a wide range of mobile phones that face stringent customer demands in terms of design and short lead times.

Nolato’s journey in the mobile phone sector began 20 years ago, when the company took over production of plastic components for Ericsson’s mobile phones. Even then, the requirements for advanced technology, quality and cosmetic content were demanding, and requirements have increased ever since.

“Working for such a long time with the stringent requirements of the mobile phone sector on tolerances and perfect cosmetic execution, combined with extremely short lead times, high volumes and flexibility has taught us a huge amount about portable consumer electronics.” So says Patric Mattsson, who has been involved throughout this journey and is now Marketing and Sales Director of Nolato’s Integrated Solutions business area. 


Expanding operations

“We’ve not only optimised our know-how and learnt from our experience, but we’ve also developed a technical environment that’s ideally adapted to offering our customers development support, electronics integration, rapid ramp-up of projects and flexible production.

“This means we now have a very strong platform from which to also help customers within other types of portable consumer electronics as well as mobile phones.”

Expanding the business area’s operations to also include customers outside the mobile phone sector has long been a strategic goal for Nolato. In particular, to offset the significant fluctuations in sales and earnings that come from the entirely project-related mobile phone production.

Recent years’ significant growth in the segment for shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) has helped offset fluctuations in Integrated Solutions. But Nolato’s mobile phone business in Beijing has also worked hard to attract new customers in other areas of technology to benefit from Nolato’s expertise in the production of advanced consumer electronics. The results of this work are now starting to be seen.


New products beyond telecom

This expansion has resulted in the Beijing factory also developing and producing activity trackers, exclusive speaker systems, Bluetooth-enabled jewellery and vaporiser heating products for e-cigarettes, in addition to mobile phones.

The latter is a completely new area. Although it may not be immediately evident, these products place the same requirements on Nolato as mobile phones. They comprise an exterior element with stringent requirements on visual and tactile cosmetics and quality, as well as an internal element with integrated electronics and high demands on functionality.

“We’re also involved all the way from development to consumer packaging of the finished product, so it’s ready to be placed on a store shelf somewhere in the world. It’s a combination that suits Nolato very well,” says Senior Product Manager ¬≠Mattias Bengtsson.


Swedish-Chinese advantage

“Although we’re small compared with the giants of the industry, we offer an advantage for customers from Europe and North America that are looking to create something new,” says Mattias Bengtsson. “Our mix of Swedish and Chinese culture means we can help customers, listen and propose good solutions, as well as excelling at implementing those solutions.

“We also have the advantage of being a flexible and committed organisation that can act as a sounding board for our customers when they know what they want to do but perhaps not exactly how.”  


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