Focus on: Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Nolato is a Swedish limited company. Its corporate governance is based on Swedish legislation (primarily the Swedish Companies Act), the regulations set out by Nasdaq Stockholm (, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance ( and the rules and recommendations issued by relevant organizations. Moreover there are a number of principles and rules for the business that have been established by Nolato. These can be found on the this website or if they are internal documents, they are not made public.

Corporate governance report

The latest formal corporate governance report can be read here on this page, where also all reports back to 2007 are available.


Shareholder governance

Shareholders exercise their power of ownership at General Meetings. Nolato’s A shares entitle holders to ten votes, and the B shares to one vote. There is no restriction on how many votes shareholders may cast at general meetings.

Resolutions at Annual General Meetings are normally passed by simple majority. On certain issues, the Swedish Companies Act stipulates a specific minimum percentage of the shareholders present and/or a larger majority. 

The meeting of the company at which the Board presents the annual accounts and the auditor’s report is called the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is normally held by Nolato at the end of April or beginning of May. The AGM also deals with matters relating to subjects such as dividends, discharging the members of the Board and the President and CEO from liability, and electing the Board members, the Chairman of the Board and auditors. The AGM also determines the fees payable to the Board and the auditors, guidelines for the remuneration of senior executives and the principles for appointing the Nomination Committee for the next AGM.

Shareholders have the opportunity to ask questions about the company and its performance at the AGM. Shareholders also have opportunities to request that a particular issue be dealt with by submitting such a request in writing to the Board. 


Auditor elected by AGM

The 2020 Annual General Meeting elected Ernst & Young AB as Nolato’s auditors until the end of the 2021 Annual General Meeting, with authorised public accountant  Joakim Falck as the principal auditor. 



Joakim Falck, born in 1972. Authorised public accountant, Ernst & Young AB. Auditor of Nolato since 2018. Other clients include Xano Industri AB, Garo AB, Itab Shop Concept AB and Nefab.

Corporate governance report

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