Nolato Medical increases its production capacity

10-03-01 13:34

Nolato MediTech, part of the listed Nolato Group’s Nolato Medical business area, is increasing its production capacity in Hörby in order to create the optimum opportunities for continued expansion. “Our operations have shown extremely strong growth in recent years,” explains Christer Wahlquist, President of Nolato Medical. “Extending Nolato MediTech’s existing factory in Hörby by 3,700 sqare metres gives the ideal conditions for continuing to expand in a rational manner.” In addition to Hörby, Nolato MediTech currently also carries out production in Torekov, Lomma and Kristianstad. Production at the first two units will continue as before, while operations in Kristianstad will be transferred to Hörby once the enlargement of the factory is complete at the end of 2010. “Nolato MediTech only has a small unit for development and production in Kristianstad,” adds Hans Porat, President and CEO of Nolato. “It makes much better sense from an overall point of view to coordinate these resources in Hörby. “We will offer the Nolato MediTech employees in Kristiandstad the opportunity to transfer to Hörby.” Johan Iveberg has been appointed the new Managing Director of Nolato MediTech with effect from 1 May. Johan joins Nolato from the Trelleborg Group. Nolato rents the premises in Hörby from the municipal property company Hörby Industrifastigheter, which will also be responsible for the enlargement work.

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