Nolato Alpha gives notice to 38 employees and shuts down production in Lönsboda

09-01-12 15:32

In order to adapt its operations according to the weakened economic and market conditions, Nolato Alpha has decided to give notice to 38 employees and close its Lönsboda production unit. The staff reductions will mainly affect the Nolato Industrial business area, but will also have an impact on Nolato Telecom’s Kristianstad operations. Union negotiations have begun.

“We have noticed a drop in demand, and this downward trend grew worse during the fourth quarter,” explains Hans Porat, President and CEO of Nolato. “Unfortunately, these cut-backs are an essential measure.”

These reductions will result in approximately SEK 10 million being charged to Nolato’s operating income for the fourth quarter of 2008.

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