Focus on: Challenges

Dominant trends driving change

Globalisation, digitalisation, corporate responsibility requirements and ’more for less’ are some of the main trends constantly changing the landscape for Nolato’s customers.

Nolato’s customers operate in a world in which powerful trends and drivers are presenting both challenges and business opportunities for innovative companies. As a high-tech solutions provider, Nolato’s task alongside customers is to develop and adapt products as circumstances change and turn each challenge into a competitive, sustainable business opportunity.


Customers’ main challenges


Time to market

Speed-to-market needs are increasing in step with rapid technological developments and constantly changing consumer behaviour. Ever shorter product life cycles have to be addressed through both parallel development projects and efficient production processes.


Focus on core business

This rapid pace is resulting in customers increasingly needing to focus on their own core business. Outsourcing parts of the business to subcontractors and partners companies is a way of responding to this challenge.


Internet of Things (IoT)

As electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly integrated into products, the need for both shielding and heat dissipation is also growing in entirely new areas.



General pricing pressure combined with the constant emergence of new operators on the market underscores the need for competitive, differentiated products to strengthen market position.


Responsible business

Increasingly high expectations of proactive sustainability work involving responsible business practices regarding environmental issues, social issues and business ethics.



Nolato’s response


Global platforms and close customer relationships with global customers in growth segments

As a global business with a local presence, Nolato is well positioned to understand customers’ needs to deliver integrated solutions that meet their demand for short lead times and efficient time to market for new products.


Innovative and effective product development in step with the technological shift

In-depth technical expertise, close involvement in and an understanding of customers’ businesses provide Nolato with a unique ability to identify development needs at an early stage in order to raise the level of innovation and streamline customers’ production processes and logistics chains. This is in addition to an aim of increasing the level of renewable/recycled materials, along with designs that make it easier for products to become part of a sustainable loop and contribute to a circular economy.


Meet expectations of sustainable business

Sustainable, responsible business is the basis for everything that Nolato does and is at the heart of its long-term strategy to generate sustainable growth and value for customers. Proactive measures are also taken to manage Nolato’s primary sustainability issues, while business opportunities offered by greener products and solutions are constantly being created.

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