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Our mission and business model

Nolato develops and manufactures products in polymer materials such as plastic, silicone and TPE for customers within medical technology, pharmaceuticals, telecom, automotive and other selected industrial sectors.

We manufacture everything from individual components, which the customer assembles in its own product, to complete products that are ready for delivery to a customer’s client.
We also develop and manufacture our own products, such as pharmaceutical packaging.


Our mission

Our mission is the basis for our operations and describes how we can meet our customers’ needs:


Nolato is a high-tech developer and manufacturer of polymer products and systems for leading customers in specific market areas.

With its many years of experience, in-depth expertise in materials and processes, early involvement in customer projects, advanced project management and detailed knowledge of each customer’s specific requirements, Nolato is an effective and innovative partner.


Being a high-tech developer is key for Nolato. Customers approach us with a concept and possibly an initial drawing. It often involves advanced products that the customer plans to launch on its markets. We are involved at this early development stage and help develop a functional and cost-effective product that is ready to manufacture.

Polymer products and systems are the basis of our business. Our company has had in-depth expertise in materials such as plastics, silicone and TPE since it was founded in 1938. This advanced knowledge of materials and processes makes us a unique player in the market.

Experience, expertise, early involvement in customer projects, advanced project management and good knowledge of customers and their markets – these factors bring together Nolato’s three business areas and provide customers with reassurance of delivery security. Our success is based on close and long-term customer relationships. We support customers and constantly endeavour to find improvements. Furthermore, Nolato adopts responsible business practices, which we consider self-evident in a world facing environmental problems and dwindling resources.


Our business model

Our business model is based on achieving our vision and financial targets in order to create job security for our employees and lasting value for our owners.

Based on our extensive experience and wide-ranging capabilities, we have close, long-term and innovative relationships with our customers. We create added value for our customers and our owners through progressive, leading technology, extensive expertise in development and design, advanced project management and highly efficient production.

Our operations are based on our three Basic Principles of being professional, well organised and responsible.


Our revenue model

The majority of Nolato’s revenue comes from production assignments for our customers, whereby we manufacture a product to order for the customer. We supply products according to customers’ specifications and requirements. Nolato invoices customers following delivery. We do not build up inventory. Instead, our operations are based on short production times and turnaround times. This enables Nolato to avoid any significant risks for warehousing and obsolescence.

By being involved at an early stage in customers’ development work, Nolato contributes by creating as competitive a product as possible. Nolato creates added value for its customers through progressive, leading technology, extensive expertise in development and design, and advanced project management.

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