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Our vision and how we shall achieve it


  • Nolato aims to be the customer’s first choice of partner

Our vision is for Nolato to be regarded as the natural choice when customers need a high-tech cooperation partner and supplier. We define being the customer’s first choice as customers experiencing the delivery of high quality in all aspects of projects. We aim to be a highly credible partner by delivering what we promise, on schedule. We target long-term cooperation and value transparent, close customer relationships. We always endeavour to exceed customer expectations and constantly look for ways to be even better.


The key factors in achieving our vision are: 


Broad customer offering  

More and more customers are using fewer suppliers, prioritising those that have the resources and expertise to be involved from concept to delivery. That’s why our broad customer offering in developing and producing polymer-based products comprises everything from concept development, product design and process optimisation to high-volume production, post-processing, assembly and logistics.


High productivity

The things that create value for our customers and that are important to them in the long term also create value for us. So high productivity and continual focus on costs are key elements of our business. Lean manufacturing helps us maximise business benefit for both us and our customers, streamline processes, reduce scrap, cut lead times and develop innovative solutions.


Long-term customer relationships

Long-term, close cooperation is the objective for all our customer relationships. Better ­understanding and knowledge of their processes and needs allow us to create value for them.


Ethical & sustainable

We have strong core values based on the view that efficient and profitable business operations must be ethical and sustainable. Issues relating to ethics, social responsibility, environmental matters and work environment are therefore well integrated into our business.



Our customers constantly challenge us with new requests and tougher requirements. We therefore enhance our offering by continually raising the skill levels of our employees and investing in cutting-edge technologies. One Nolato creates positive synergies between our business areas to increase value for our customers.  


Local yet global presence

Proximity to our customers and their markets is key for us. It’s about achieving the most efficient logistics possible, along with short lines of command and the ability to make quick decisions. 


Stable finances

A strong financial position provides us with a stable foundation and is essential for our business. Ensuring stable finances also makes us a reliable supplier and cooperation partner in more challenging economic times. 

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Our vision and how we shall achieve it

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