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Nolato’s strategic focus

The following overarching strategy has been established in order to achieve our growth targets:


Market positioning and progression along the value chain

We aim to be a high-tech cooperation partner with a global presence, with the objective of long-term growth and stable returns for our shareholders. 


World-class expertise and offering

We invest in employees and a high level of expertise and development of cutting-edge technology, together with global competitive lean manufacturing. This provides us with the strength to offer end-to-end solutions in which sustainability is key. 


A decentralised organisation that generates synergies

A corporate culture based on a decentralised business model that gives the business areas’ companies the freedom to develop and tailor their offerings to customer-specific needs. The similarity of the technologies used by the three business areas generates synergies and cooperation that provide additional customer value. 


Customer-oriented strategy provides the focus for organic growth

A customer-oriented strategy means we look for large customers in product areas with organic growth and the opportunity to grow and develop alongside their market offerings. 


Expansion on priority geographic markets

We are achieving expansion both by accompanying our customers into new markets and by acquiring companies with a corporate culture that matches Nolato’s culture and that complement the existing customer base, in addition to expertise that further broadens our offering. 



Business areas’ strategic growth markets


Medical Solutions

Express aim of growing on the American, European and Asian markets. Operates in a sector with stable growth driven mainly by population growth, an aging population and lifestyle diseases. Growing demand for outsourcing services and medical devices that make life easier for patients. Acquisition opportunities are continually considered.


Integrated Solutions

Continued focus on the American, European and Asian markets. Continual demand for advanced components and subsystems for consumer electronics products, in addition to a growing need for shielding and heat dissipation for electronics.  

Industrial Solutions

Continued emphasis on the industrial sector on the Nordic market and selected Central European markets, with the possibility of bolt-on acquisitions. The establishment of production in the US brings a valuable increase in capacity and new business opportunities. The ability to supply high-quality cost-effective products with short lead times based on customer requirements is a key growth driver.

Nolato´s strategic progression

Chart showing Nolato
Nolato’s progression is aimed at gaining a position as an advanced high-tech cooperation partner for our customers.

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