The building work started on 18 August, 2017.

Nolato MediTech grows further in Hörby

In mid-August 2017, the first launch was taken for a new expansion of Nolato MediTech's factory in Hörby, Sweden.

Today's 7000 square meters in Hörby will be expanded with an additional 3700 square meters. This means that Nolato MediTech, when the expansion is completed in early 2019, will allocate more than 11000 square meters in Hörby.

"Our business has developed very strongly," commented Torkel Skoglösa, CEO of Nolato MediTech. The expansion mainly covers new production areas and will give us even better opportunities to continue our expansion in an optimal way.

"The continued investment in Hörby creates additional jobs," says Torkel Skoglösa. Already today we are looking for employees in all areas.

"We are hiring as we grow for the future and will fill the plant gradually. In five years' time, we will have increased our staffing with around 50 employees.

Hörby Nolato MediTech develops and manufactures medical devices for global pharmaceutical companies. Nolato MediTech has 240 employees, of whom 170 are at the factory in Hörby and 70 in Lomma.

The expansion

The extension, marked in the picture, is 3700 sqm, with over 1400 sqm of clean room.

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