Nolato wins Swedish Lean Manufacturing Award

Nolato MediTech was named winner of the Swedish Lean Award 2015 at the Swedish Lean Forum. Over four years the company has made 3,600 improvements to its business operations, boosted productivity by 50 percent and reduced both customer complaints and scrap levels by over 60 percent.

“We’re absolutely delighted,” says Johan Iveberg, Managing Director of Nolato MediTech. “Our focus on lean manufacturing, or Medical Excellence as we call our production system, has contributed hugely to our excellent performance in recent years.”

The Medical Excellence production system combines lean principles with good manufacturing and documentation practice (GMP and GDP). The work has involved the entire company, and Johan Iveberg believes this has also been a major factor.


All company on-board

“I’m passionate about lean manufacturing and I know what an impact it can have. But the momentum of our lean work has gradually shifted from the management to staff, and they are now leading this work themselves.

Having the whole company actively on-board adds real impetus to these efforts. Nolato MediTech now has 25 different improvement groups that set aside time each week to work on improvements.

“One of the challenges has been to combine the continuous improvements of the lean approach with the requirements of our medical technology business. We work in an industry in which all changes potentially pose significant risks.”


Boosted productivity

The fact that the company has succeeded despite this is testament to its work over the past four years: 3,600 improvements have been implemented, customer complaints have decreased by 60 percent and scrap has been cut by 65 percent. Security of supply is up from 95 percent to 99 percent and productivity has increased by more than 50 percent. 

Lean measures have also resulted in improvements for employees and not a single serious accident has occurred in four years. The trends in the regular employee surveys conducted by Nolato MediTech are very positive:

“Everyone now knows there are two aspects to their job: not only what they are currently doing, but also the continued development of that,” notes Johan Iveberg.

The prize cermony

Judging panel’s comments
“Nolato MediTech has a long tradition of responsible business that combines efficient business operations with ethics, responsibility and environmental awareness. They have a clear vision of being a world leader by creating a world-class business. The Medical Excellence production system, based on the company’s values, is their framework for developing the business, in close cooperation with both customers and suppliers. The development of its corporate culture and its improvement measures are being further developed through the use of manager and employee training days which emphasise creativity. 3,600 improvements have been made over four years. During that time, the company has had no serious accidents, reduced customer complaints by 60%, decreased scrap levels by 65%, has security of supply of 99% and boosted productivity by over 50%. Nolato MediTech is an inspiring example for all types of organisations that aim to be world-class!”

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