Lövepac Converting

Lövepac Converting produces small designed components for the telecom and consumer electronic industries

New Lövepac Converting plant in southern China

In the Chinese city of Shenzhen, Lövepac Converting has ­opened a new plant specifically adapted to today’s requirements for the efficient production of consumer electronics.

Shenzhen is situated next to Hong Kong in southern China. With a population of 13 million, it’s one of China’s largest cities. It is considered by many to be the world’s leading electronics hub, with annual production worth USD 350 billion, more than many Western countries. Not bad for an area that as recently as the 1970s still largely consisted of countryside with a few small fishing villages.


Designed components

It’s in Shenzhen that Lövepac Converting has been producing small designed components with mechanical and/or cosmetic functionality for the telecom and consumer electronics industry since 2006. 

Its products include logos, speaker grilles and other three-dimensional design elements. These are punched products that are applied with adhesive and supplied on a roll ready to be automatically assembled on customers’ final products.


Diversifying into new areas

Lövepac Converting originated out of Sweden-based Nolato Lövepac in Skånes-Fagerhult, but is now a Chinese company that is wholly owned by the Group, with operations also in the capital Beijing, as well as Malaysia and Hungary.

“The Shenzhen factory has been involved in what has occasionally been a bumpy ride in the mobile phone sector for more than 10 years, with customers such as Nokia and BlackBerry,” says Lövepac Converting Managing Director Dan Wong. “By diversifying into new areas and new customers, the business has now developed considerably beyond this sector.”


One-stop shop

In Shenzhen, long-term requests from world-leading customers for ever-larger supplies led to the production facilities in Shenzhen being upgraded and the formation of Lövepac Technology Shenzhen.

“This unit will offer our strategic customers a one-stop shop, from development and comprehensive function testing to high-volume supply,” explains Dan Wong. “So we’ve invested in advanced conversion processes in class 10K and 1K cleanrooms, not only with flatbed and rotation options but also new innovative production solutions.”

To continually guarantee high quality of supply without the requirement for high staffing of the machines, there has also been a particular emphasis on fully automated systems for quality assurance and inspection.

“We consider Lövepac Shenzhen to be Nolato’s eyes and ears in southern China, a region with lots of customers and exciting opportunities for the future,” concludes Dan Wong.


Shenzhen in southern China is growing rapidly as the world’s leading electronics hub. 

Lövepac Converting

Lövepac Converting originated out of Sweden-based Nolato Lövepac and is wholly-owned by Nolato.

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