Silicon-based EMC gaskets

World-class EMC engineering support

Nolato is the leading innovative supplier of silicon-based EMC gaskets and molded products. Our engineers work closely with our customers, helping them designing unique EMI shielding in harsh environments.
The earlier we can get involved, the more money we can save for the customer. We focus on the solutions, rather than the specific EMC product.

Trishield 2.0 – EMC FIP gasket

Our dispensed gasket Trishield 2.0 is the softest conductive form-in-place (FIP) gasket on the market and we will continue to stretch the development towards ever softer and more reliable products.  

By using our Trishield 2.0 gasket you can:
- Reduce the compression force up to 80% 
- Allow up to 100% longer distance in screw pitch 
- Reduce the amount of screws with more than 40%
- Narrower wall thickness on the cover 
- More valuable PCB area 
- Up to 50% less material consumption 

Molded EMC to handle differences in frequencies

In cases where several different frequencies need to be handled, e.g. in the telecom infrastructure, there is problem to handle the variety of EMC need. Instead of changing the cavities in the die-casted products, which is truly expensive, we recommend using molded conductive gaskets to handle the variety in EMC requirements. 
By redesigning and adjusting the gasket instead of the metal cover to change the different PCB chambers, our customers are saving a lot of cost and lead time.

Global EMC design support

Nolato is working in the fore-front of EMC engineering with all global players in telecom infrastructure and automotive ADAS systems. We have a global footprint with both engineers and manufacturing in Europe, Asia and North America. 

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