Flexible and effective EMI shielding solutions

With our wide range of EMI shielding solutions and in-depth expertise in the field, we are able to offer you premium, unique solutions in conductive silicone that will provide you with the best in quality and the greatest cost effectiveness on the market.
In an increasingly connected world, the demand for effective electromagnetic shielding solutions is also increasing. Whether you are bringing to the world a breakthrough new electronic product or creating components in high and demanding volume, you want each to contain a reliable EMI shielding solution that offers unparalleled value. Our ongoing research and development in the field is continually making progress to create the most advanced EMI shielding products which are sized more economically and work more effectively to offer you increased overall space and flexibility. Each of our featured products ensures that you are getting the highest quality and most reliable EMC along with a line of sight on offering you the lowest total cost of ownership. Our shielding portfolio includes a wide range of options so you get the solution that fits your needs precisely. Going beyond this wide range, we are also able to offer you custom shielding solutions. We listen to your specific requirements and create an EMI shielding product according to your exact needs.
As your dedicated partner in EMI shielding solutions made of conductive silicone rubber we provide you with:
  • The EMI shielding solution trifecta: Superior performance, Cost efficiency and design flexibility
  • Expert support. Our research and development team is leading advancements in the field
  • EMI shielding that is best suited to your needs from our standard wide range as well as customization to your requirements

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