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Compashield Extrusion is our brand name for our extruded EMI gasket. Our extrusion process string injects electrically-conductive silicone rubber into a desired shape along with the cross-section to meet your required needs. The cross-section can be rectangular, solid or hollow and made in various shapes and dimensions. Available both on the roll or in cut lengths, our Compashield extruded gaskets are designed to precisely fit your specific application. Take advantage of our splicing offer to secure absolute sealing. With such customizable flexibility, our extruded gaskets are made to be cost efficient and reliable.


To secure 100% sealing, the two ends of a cut gasket can be spliced together upon delivery. We offer splicing, made with our patent pending splicing press, which you can rent directly from us to use on your own site.

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SMP Pad 

Compashield SMT Pad benefits:

The Compashield SMT Pad is used as a grounding contact on printed circuit boards commonly used in the electronics industry.
The flexible and easily compressible Pad can take up tolerances and close the gap between a PCB and another component in addition to providing a reliable grounding contact.


  • Automatic soldering through SMT machines feeded by reels
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Large conformable contact area vs metal spring
  • Full chemical bondage between gasket and metal which gives us advantage to not fall out of placement
  • Very strong physical resistance against deformation
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Excellent elasticity & low compression force
  • Replace most Metal Finger & Fabric Gasket
  • No scratching of PCB 

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Compashield 2.0 EMC gasket

Compashield 2.0 benefits:

Compashield 2.0 is designed for the future. With more flexible solutions in terms of material, construction and function you can now work with an even further improved gasket.


  • Lower compression force >20%
  • Better compression set >30%
  • Twice the tensile strength
  • Electrical resistance improved by 50%

Compashield EE benefits:

Compashield EE is an efficient solution which combines optimal EMI shielding and a safe environmental sealing into a single gasket.


  • Combination of excellent shielding effect and environmental sealing
  • Space saving
  • Optimized conductive/non-conductive material combination
  • Low compression set
  • Low compression force


Compashield Press-Fit benefits:

With the addition Compashield Press-Fit feature added to our Compashield EE gaskets, you’ll also get not only assembly that is easier than ever, it also improves the shielding effectiveness and eliminates adhesive costs.


  • 30 dB better shielding effectiveness than the standard EE profile.
  • 10 - 20 % cost savings on backside tape
  • 30 % quicker assembly


Compashield Anti-stretch benefits:

With Compashield Anti-stretch, the gasket has an embedded metal thread reinforcement. This design prevents stretching and shrinking, ensuring an easier and more secured assembly.


  • Fast assembly with 100 % precision in length
  • 100 % secured sealing
  • Higher output due to lower risk for assembly mistakes
  • Possible to form the gasket with the metal thread
Extruded IP gaskets
We also offer extruded IP gaskets. Our IP gaskets offer secured sealing against critical elements such as water, dust and gas, and are ideal for applications in harsh environmental conditions.


Compashield® is a registered trademark

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Compashield 2.0 brochure

  • Compashield 2.0 brochure

    Compashield 2.0 brochure


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