Molded gaskets offered in a multitude of shapes

Compashield Molding is our brandname for molding, or “mold-in-place” gasket offering. It may be shaped into cans, plastic frames, and covered with our unique electrically conductive silicone material onto a variety of substrates. The result is a sealed, secure EMI shielding for circuit boards and makes the entire construction more stable, both during production and for the end user. Besides offering excellent shielding, Compashield Molding provides great flexibility in design and gaskets with high precision 3D geometry. We offer custom molded solutions created with high quality materials and efficient manufacturing methods. Compashield Molding is used for diverse applications across a broad range of industries.


Compashield Molding benefits

  • Less space needed
  • Freedom of design in terms of geometry
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Cost-efficient by combining several EMC shielded chambers in a single component



Compashield Sheets are available in a range of conductive fillers and ready to order in standard size or as die-cut or kiss-cut parts, perfect for connector and wave guide gaskets application.

Compashield Sheets benefits:

  • Available both as custom shapes and standard size
  • No tool investment
  • PSA backing available



Co-molding is an efficient alternative where both the conductive and the non-conductive silicone rubber are molded at the same time. This simplified process, with one step instead of the ordinary two, provides much greater cost efficiency as well as stability.


Molded IP gaskets

We also offer molded IP gaskets. Our IP gaskets offer secured sealing against critical elements such as water, dust and gas, and are ideal for applications in harsh environmental conditions.


Compashield® is a registered trademark

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