Compashield 2.0

Compashield 2.0 has reduced compression force and better compression set.

New Compashield 2.0 – Lower compression and better recovery

Now you have the opportunity to work with an even further improved gasket. Two of the refinements that the Compashield 2.0 features are reduced compression force and better compression set.

Compashield combines optimal EMI shielding and secure environmental sealing in a single gasket. Compashield has now been made even better with more flexible solutions in terms of material, construction and function. 


Lower compression force and better recovery

The softer gasket of Compashield 2.0 entails reduced compression force. This means that you now need less force when compressing the gasket. Compared to traditional materials, Compashield 2.0 also has 30 percent better compression set. The gasket will therefore return to its original shape much more successfully than previously possible, which ensures good contact and improved shielding in the long-term.  


Designed for the future 

Compashield 2.0 is designed for 5G frequencies and will meet future shielding demands. Natural changes (aging), impair shielding effectiveness on many gaskets. Compashield 2.0 provides continued low resistance both as fresh as well as after ageing.


Customer Benefits:
  • Lower compression force >20%
  • Better compression set >30%
  • Twice the tensile strength
  • Electrical resistance improved by 50% 

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