Focus on: Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions business area

Industrial Solution consists of nine strong specialist companies that develop and manufacture products and product systems in mainly polymer materials for a range of customer segments. These companies create business opportunities both individually and in cooperation with one another.

Industrial Solutions’ operations mainly focus on two customer sectors:

  • For the automotive sector, Industrial Solutions supplies advanced technical products.
  • For general industry, including segments such as hygiene, packaging, gardening/forestry and furniture, Nolato provides products such as components for chainsaws and a range of packaging solutions.
Customers in both of these sectors have continual and extensive purchasing operations, high volumes and long product runs.


Industrial Solutions’ market position

Industrial Solutions is a market leader in the Nordic region, with around one-fifth of the business done by suppliers with sales of over SEK 50 million. The companies in Industrial Solutions are all among the largest operators in the market and Industrial Solutions is the largest overall player in its sector.

In Central Europe, Industrial Solutions has a strong position as a quality supplier of products, particularly in the hygiene sector.

It is believed the extensive fragmentation in the sector will lead to continued consolidation in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe.


Industrial Solutions’ strategic focus

Industrial Solutions’ strategy is to be a leading supplier, providing development and production of products and polymer material product systems for customers in the automotive and general industry sectors (including hygiene products, packaging, gardening/forestry and furniture). With the Nordic market as its base, Industrial Solutions aims to grow by developing existing customers and taking market share in these segments.

A key objective for Nolato’s business area is to be customers’ high-tech partner. For Industrial Solutions, this means investing in more advanced technology for increased productivity to ensure a more integrated production process with a high level of added value.

These advanced technologies and Industrial Solutions' ability to combine them provides added value for customers. The number of parts in a product can be cut through multi-component injection moulding, weight can be reduced and sustainability improved. For example, by replacing metal with plastics and complex structures such as piping with a single component.


Industrial Solutions’ key features

Like the rest of the Group, Industrial Solutions’ operations are based on: Corporate responsibility, wide-ranging technical capabilities and advanced production technology. The main distinguishing factor is the importance of high productivity. Continuous improvement and lean manufacturing are key elements for the entire Nolato Group, but are even more important for Nolato’s competitiveness.

Lean manufacturing measures are being undertaken throughout Industrial Solutions’ factories and involve integrated processes, a high level of automation, good organisation, little or no inventory, efficient flows and targeting of zero faults in production.

Examples of products


motor fan


Engine components, gaskets for engines and exhaust systems, interior details, battery casings, etc.


arm rest

General industry

Ball retainers and storage seals for ball bearings, armrests etc. for office chairs and fireproof cable ducts. Components for microwave ovens, components for strimmers and chainsaws (recoil housing, filler caps, air filter holders, etc.), flushing mechanisms for toilets and brew units for coffee machines.