Focus on: Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions Business Area

Integrated Solutions designs, develops and produces advanced components, subsystems and ready-packaged products for consumer electronics. EMC & Thermal develops and manufactures EMC shielding and heat dissipation products and systems for electronics.

The Integrated Solutions business area comprises two business sectors:

  • Consumer Electronics: Design, development and production of advanced components, subsystems and ready-packaged electronics products, with integrated electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT) as increasingly strong drivers. This business area also includes Vaporiser Heating Products (VHP), in which Nolato supplies heating devices for the heating of tobacco.
  • EMC & Thermal: Process and material solutions for the shielding of electronics to achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and for heat dissipation for electronics (Thermal). The automotive industry is becoming increasingly important for this business sector as electronics develop for all types of vehicles.


Market – rapid technological development and constantly changing customer requirements

Operating in the consumer electronics market involves navigating a huge but agile market that is constantly changing. For instance, the mobile phone market is highly volatile and has recently changed from being a fast-growth sector to a sector in which overall growth is now expected to be relatively low.

An area undergoing rapid growth is VHP, including heating devices, which is largely driven by the regulatory changes in the tobacco industry and a general trend towards a healthier lifestyle. The long-term assessment of VHP’s market is that it has growth potential, driven mainly by strong growth in Asia and selected markets in Europe.

Part of Integrated Solutions’ strategic efforts to meet the challenges in the market involves gradually expanding its customer base by introducing new offerings. This includes product areas such as Laser Applications and Ceramics, aimed at companies developing products including fitness trackers, loudspeaker systems, thermostats and webcams.

EMC’s market is expected to continue growing, driven mainly by a rising need for applications and products which, along with the expansion of new connected products, can be tailored to 4G and the forthcoming 5G network. Increased network traffic will in turn lead to a greater need for process and materials solutions for shielding and heat dissipation. New business opportunities are also being generated as electronic systems in vehicles increasingly require both EMC shielding and heat dissipation. The market for thermal interface materials (TIM), which are used for demanding heat dissipation applications for electronics in sectors like telecom, automotive, IT and medical technology, is also becoming increasingly important as it largely involves the same products as for shielding of electronics, in which Integrated Solutions is already well placed.


Market position varies between areas of technology

Integrated Solutions is largely a niche operator in product areas for consumer electronics, with in-depth in-house expertise in development, design and production. 

Integrated Solutions is well established in the VHP product area as a close strategic partner to one of the market’s larger operators.

The business area has a strong position in EMC & Thermal mainly as a supplier, for example, of shielding solutions for mobile phone network base stations and applications such as TIM in the automotive and other industries.


Strategic focus on continued growth

Integrated Solutions is aimed at being a partner and provider of technically advanced products mainly for high-end segments of the electronics and telecom industry. This strategic focus is based on growing faster than the market in all segments. This is to be achieved through organic growth, with success factors including close relationships with existing customers and an expanded customer offering providing access to new markets. In areas such as injection moulding, die-cutting, painting, decoration, assembly, testing and packaging of electronic products the business area aims to offer a one-stop shop, including advanced project management and rapid time to market. 
Within VHP, Integrated Solutions is focusing on developing its strategic cooperation with one of the market’s largest operators by contributing to product development, production and assembly of complete products, which are delivered straight to the customer’s distributors. The aim is to grow along with the customer’s business and product launches on new markets.

In addition, it will be intensifying the development of electrically conductive material solutions for the shielding of electronics, along with the development of TIM products. The aim is to reach new markets and customer segments, both through direct sales channels and licensed partners. 

Examples of products

Consumer electronics

Components, subsystems and ready-packaged products for consumer electronics

Subsystems for VHPs, mobile phones and home electronics products, which contain injection-moulded, painted and decorated components, in certain cases integrated with electronics in the form of ‘mechanical modules’, sometimes water-resistant. Creative material and surface design with significant cosmetic and haptic content. Small, designed adhesive-based components with mechanical and/or cosmetic functions, such as logos, speaker grilles and three-dimensional design elements.


Ultra soft EMC gasket mounted

EMC & Thermal

Process and material solutions for the shielding of electronics to achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and for heat dissipation.