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Medical Solutions business area

Medical Solutions is a fast-growing business area that develops and manufactures medical device products for customers in the medical technology and pharmaceuticals sectors. 

Medical Solutions’ operations are divided into two business sectors:

  • Medical Devices: Develops and manufactures complex product systems and components based on advanced polymer technology and automation.
  • Pharma Packaging: Develops and manufactures advanced packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.


Medical Solutions’ market position

Over the past 10 years the Medical Solutions business sector has adopted a strategy of moving from being a local manufacturer of components to being an end-to-end supplier with global resources to support customers from concept development to supply of the final product. Medical Solutions offers customers a broad technological base, advanced support in the development process and 12 production units in Europe, Asia and North America.

Medical Devices is working on the Better Together concept, which involves taking overall responsibility for development projects. It involves a three-party relationship with the customer, the design company and Nolato in close cooperation. Important aspects of this development work are Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly (DFM and DFA), whereby Nolato helps customers ensure their products can be manufactured to the highest quality and at the right cost.

Nolato has a leading position in Pharma Packaging on the Scandinavian and UK markets and also has significant exports outside these regions. Medical Solutions is one of only a few suppliers focusing on packaging systems solely for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements market. This focus provides a stronger customer offering as a result of a deeper understanding of regulation and quality requirements that apply in these markets, not only for individual components but also for packaging in general. In 2016, this business sector demonstrated good growth, particularly as a result of previous development projects entering production.

In recent years, Medical Solutions has taken market share both in customer-specific solutions and platform solutions (standard solutions). For customer-specific solutions, Medical Solutions develops a specific new product that is tailored to a customer’s needs. Medical Solutions supports customers through the entire process, from idea, concept and design to validation, quality control and full-scale production. Within platform solutions, Medical Solutions has in-house product development, design and development of production moulds. Products include pharmaceutical packaging, catheter balloons, breathing bags, laboratory products and hazardous waste containers from which customers choose based on Nolato’s existing range.


Medical Solutions’ strategic focus

Medical Solutions’ vision is to be the acknow­ledged best polymer materials development and production partner for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Medical Solutions aims to be particularly strong in product development and production on a global basis. This means being able to grow with customers and offer production on the major international markets in Europe, America and Asia. Medical Solutions operates both using in-house sales and distributors to bolster its market position.


Medical Solutions key features

Like the rest of the Group, Medical Solutions’ operations are based on: Corporate responsibility, high quality management and technical expertise, advanced production methods and an extensive customer network.

What distinguishes Medical Solutions is its in-depth knowledge of the specific conditions governing customer needs in the medical technology sector. A good understanding of complex medical technology applications, extensive quality and documentation requirements and risk analysis are key factors for succeeding in this market. Production is principally carried out in clean rooms, with extremely strict requirements in terms of quality, safety and traceability.

Examples of products


Medical Devices

Examples of therapy areas and products:
Asthma (inhalers, check valves), diabetes (insulin pens, infusion sets), hearing aids (seals, domes), heart rhythm treatment (seals for pacemakers, cardiac anchors), dialysis (seals, connectors), urology (catheter balloons, uridomes), surgery (catheter balloons, complete blood purification equipment), diagnostics (allergy tests, pregnancy tests), IVD (pipette tips, deep well plates).


Pharma Packaging

Standard or customer-specific primary plastic packaging that meets pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry requirements.

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