Our identity manual: Typography

Our fonts

The selection of fonts, i.e. the appearance of letters, is an important part of graphic identity, since the character of the font provides a clear identification of the sender.

To achieve this recognition, always use the following fonts. Other fonts are not allowed.



For body text in printed matter, ads etc. Inter should be used. It’s a modern, grotesk type family font with excellent readability.

Light, Light italic, Regular, Regular italic and Medium can be used. Semibold should be avoided for body text. When body text is put on an image we recommend using Regular.

For headings and intermediate headings in printed matter, ads, etc., as well as for signs, address details, etc., Inter Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium and Semibold can be used.

Keep in mind that we want to achieve the lighter, brighter impression that the Inter font family provides.



Access to Inter

Inter is an free and open source font family that can be downloaded and installed for free by anyone and everywhere.
Download Inter


Arial + Arial Narrow

For email signature + bodytext and open documents (.doc/.xlsl) documents use Arial. For Power Point presentations use Arial Narrow.