Our identity manual: Fonts

Our fonts

The selection of fonts, i.e. the appearance of letters, is an important part of graphic identity, since the character of the font provides a clear identification of the sender.

To achieve this recognition, always use the following fonts. Other fonts are not allowed. Please note that Arial may only be used in powerpoint presentations, letters, etc.





For body text in printed matter, ads etc. Sabon should be used. It's a characteristic antique-type font with good readability. Normal, italic and bold can be used. Fat italics should be avoided. As a rule, lower case figures should be used in Sabon.
This font can also be used to achieve effects, preferably in the italic version.



Neue Helvetica Cond 57


For headings and intermediate headings in printed matter, ads, etc., as well as for signs, address details, etc., Helvetica Neue Condensed 57 should be used. Note that "regular" Helvetica may not be used! The Helvetica Neue Condensed 77 and Helvetica Neue Condensed 97 can also be used for small-scale amplification, but these heavier variants should not be used for larger headlines, etc. Keep in mind that we want to achieve the lighter, brighter impression that Helvetica Neue Condensed 57 provides.



Arial + Arial Narrow


For letters and internal documents use Arial.
For powerpoint presentations use Arial Narrow.
(See also "Presentations".)


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