Our identity manual: Colours

Our corporate colours

Nolato's corporate colors are an important part of the visual identity. This means that the colors shown here are the primary colors to be used in Nolato. This applies in all circumstances and may not be waived!

Nolatos färger

Nolato's colors are red, black, gray and white.


Red is visually the strongest color, but the other colors are just as important in conveying the Nolato image. Since red is so powerful, it should be used with tact, for example in lines, for highlighting words in a text or as color for effect. So, think twice before using red as a dominating color.

Black is normally used for text and headings.

Grey is a more neutral color than the other corporate colors. The Nolato gray is a cool and pure color and it is always based on a percentage of pure black without mixing with other colors. As it can be used in all shades from light grey to dark grey it's very usable.

Not everyone may think of white as a color, but to Nolato's visual identity it is very important. Large white surfaces, in items such as printed matter and on the web, create the simplicity and clean design that is characteristic of Nolato. For this reason, the white color should be noticeable in all graphic design for Nolato.


Other colors than these must not be primary colors, but it does not exclude that other colors may be used as secondary colors. But the listed company colors should always be experienced as principal. Therefore the other, secondary colors shall be lighter and pastellish. Not hard and visually dominating!



Definition of ”red” och ”grey”


Svart ruta


The red color shall be clearly warm red:
  • Four color print (Europe scale): 0XX1 (0% Cyan 100% Magenta + 100 % Yellow + 10 % Black)
  • Pantone color system: Red PMS 1797 (more important than the color number is that the printing result shall correspond to PMS 1797, even on non coated paper)
  • Webb: #d20A10
  • RGB: 210/10/16
  • Paint: NCS 1080-Y90R
  • RAL: 3028


Grå ruta


The grey color is middle gray:
  • Four color print text: Normally 0004 (0% Cyan 0 % Magenta + 0 % Yellow 40% black) - Background: Normally 0003 (0% Cyan 0 % Magenta + 0 % Yellow 30% black)
  • Pantone color system text: PMS Cool Gray 7C - Background: PMS Cool Gray 5C
  • Webb: Text #999999 - Background #B3B3B3
  • RGB text: 153/153/153 - Background: 179/179/179
  • Paint text: S4000-N - Background: 
  • RAL text 7054 - Background 7038
The grey can also be in other shades, lighter or darker, as long it is the same gray scale (a percentage of pure black).