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Our logo

The Nolato Group Logotype is to be used for all operations within the Group. It consists of a symbol (the Indian head) and company name, written in a specific way. The logotype is a single unit. Its appearance, proportions or design must not be changed in any way.

Nolatos logga


You may only use logo files downloaded from this manual. Therefore, making or using other versions is not allowed. It's not allowed to combine the symbol with the name Nolato written in any other way. This applies to similar and different fonts as well as to other alphabets. Nor can a corporate version be created, all the Group's companies with "Nolato" in the name shall use the Group Log.



Rules for using the logo

When using Nolato's logotype, the following rules must be observed, so that its visual shape and character always is maintained:



Överkorsad logga i fält
Don´t put a frame around the logo. Not even to make a white surface on a darker background. This also applies to clothes!



Logga med centreringsmärke
The logo shall not be centered automatically. Centering should be done according to the red line in the illustration above.



Beskuren logga
Never crop the logo!



Logo in text
Never use the logotype together with common types in texts. In a case like this the Nolato name is to be written in the same font as the rest of the text.



Logo without symbol
Never use the logo letters without the symbol (the indian).



Logo freezone
Other logos, images, text (other than address line etc.) must not be placed closer to the logotype than a distance corresponding to the height of the letter "N" in the current logotype. This is also important when making powerpoint presentations. The logo may of course not even partly be covered by text, pictures, diagrams etc!



Permitted colour versions

Nolato's logo can have the colour combinations showed here. No other colours may be used!


Red/black logo
The main version of the logo is the one with a red-colored Indian and black text. Normally, this version shall be used, unless there are particular reasons for using one of the versions shown below. Please observe that the indian head shall be red on all sides when showed in 3D , for example in an animation or as a façade sign.


Black/black logo
The entirely black logotype is used when, for practical or financial reasons, it is not possible to use the red/black one. Note that in these cases the entire logotype shall be reproduced 100 percent in black. No part may be rasterized or printed in gray.


White/white logo
If the logotype is to be used on a dark background, the whole logotype shall be reproduced in its negative form. It must not be used as an outline or a shade of gray. The red symbol may never be combined with any other letter colour than black.


On promotional items or gifts, the logotype may be reproduced entirely in silver.



Additions to the logo

In exceptional cases, the logotype may be supplemented with an add-on that defines a company. This may be done only when it is not possible to identify in any other way to identify which Nolato company is being referred to. Since the use of such an add-on is highly restricted, permission from the corporate identity manager is required in each case.

Please note that it is never allowed to add any text under the logo indicating a specific business sector etc. The logo stands for all of Nolato!


Ad on company



Use of the symbol only

The symbol in the logo may be used alone, without the letters. Applicable rules above about the use and colors of the logo should be followed accordingly.


Symbolen ensam
The symbol must never be reversed.



The tagline Experience and Innovation

Nolato has a tagline (buzzword) that can be used on brochures, exhibitions, presentations etc to clarify and reinforce the image of what Nolato stands for.


Standalone buzzword
Stand alone tagline.


Logo with buzz
Logo and tagline combined.


The tagline should be used only in the versions shown to the right: stand alone or together with Nolato's logo. It must not be combined with other text, for example a business area name. Only the artwork available for downloading in the manual may be used. The design may not be altered in any way, neither in shape nor in color.



Mats Håkanson



Logo files

Right click to download


For Word, Powerpoint, Excel (.png)

Red/black logo

Black logo


For the web (.gif and .jpg)

Red/black logo .gif

Red/black logo .jpg


For print (vektorized .eps)

Four color print (cmyk)

Two color print (PMS 485 + svart)

One color black

Negative (white)


For e-mail signature

Logo for the e-mail signature


Logo with tagline

For Word, Powerpoint, Excel (.png)

For print (.eps)

Pdf-file (.pdf)


Stand-alone tagline

For Word, Powerpoint, Excel (.png)

For print (.eps)

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