Focus on: Customer Unique Solutions

Your Partner in Developing and Manufacturing Polymer Products

We partner with you to provide solutions which enable your finished products to be made with reliable standards from the inside out along with our focus on providing you with lowest total cost of ownership.

Our resources and technologies ensure that you can grow together with us when your needs evolve. With Nolato’s in-depth, cross-industry experience we can help you define the best materials and manufacturing choices.


What we do – and the way we do it

Our defining strength combines two separate areas of expertise: the ability to create new-to-world solutions based on customer requirements, paired with practical manufacturing knowledge and state of the art capabilities.

This versatile combination sets us apart from our competitors because few can match the same breadth or level of experience within a single organization. This is the work we do.

The way we do it is also special. Our approach is anchored in agility which empowers feedback based decision making and effective communication throughout the process.

This way of working provides stellar efficiency, maximizes cost effectiveness along with maintaining a continual high quality of production.



Our expert areas


Medical solutions

We are a long-term partner to makers of Life Science technologies. Our rigorous standards, certifications and expert management ensures impeccable quality and traceability. We develop and manufacture according to your requirement definitions.


Industrial solutions

We provide development and production of products and polymer material product systems for various industries including Automotive. Our best in class technologies can address your challenges with reliable deliveries.
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Integrated solutions

We develop, manufacture and assemble polymer products with integrated mechanic and electronic components and substantial cosmetic content. Our services span the entire creation journey – from the concept stage through multi-step assembly to a shelf ready product.
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We offer you:

Above all, we offer our partners trust. We value its importance and understand that with it, so much can be accomplished.


  • Over 75 years of experience – it’s work we do everyday and it’s encoded in our genes
  • High level competences – we have diverse fields expertise with deep analytical knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Comprehensive list of certifications to meet your industry standards
  • To listen carefully to you and understand your specific challenges
  • Flexibility to adjust to your styles and needs
  • A line of sight from start to finish thanks to in-depth knowledge to create reality based manufacturing timelines
  • A focus on providing you with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Overall strength because we specialize across a span industries
  • Capabilities of creating for more than one country
  • Access to all of Nolato Group's expertise and technologies

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