Focus on: Integrated Solutions

Expertise in Developing and Manufacturing Integrated Polymer Products

Integrated Solutions is an area of expertise specializing in integrating electronics with mechanics in devices as well as offering a wide span of cosmetic applications. We help you develop solutions and then execute the manufacturing which can often include multi-step assembly, paint layering and finishes as well as metal stamping to produce pieces which feature high integrity and unique visual appeal according to your wishes.

Our support spans the entire creation journey – from the concept stage through multi-step assembly to a shelf ready product.

With roots in the mobile industry, today, the world’s portfolio in handheld electronics is quickly expanding to include many other types of life enhancing gadgets that expand on our human capabilities.

We help you realize your new-to-world ideas with a focus on agile production in order to be as efficient as possible through the entire creation journey.

Our resources and technologies ensure that we can grow with you as your needs evolve. With Nolato’s in-depth, cross-industry experience we can help you define the best materials and manufacturing choices when you know what you want but aren’t sure how to make it.


The work we do – and the way we do it

Our defining strength combines two separate areas of expertise: the ability to create new-to-world solutions based on customer requirements, paired with practical manufacturing knowledge and capabilities.

This versatile combination sets us apart from our competitors because few can match the same breadth or level of experience within a single organization. This is the work we do.

The way we do it is also special. Our approach is anchored in agility which empowers feedback based decision making and effective communication throughout the process. This way of working provides stellar efficiency, maximizes cost effectiveness along with maintaining a continual high quality of production.

We offer you:

  • The whole journey process – from research and development to producing shelf ready product
  • Meeting demanding timelines and schedules thanks to an agile work approach.
  • One of the best tool shops in the world
  • A broad technology offering, including injection molding, metal stamping and assembly
  • The ability to design and run long multi-step assembly line processes
  • A large number of cosmetic technologies
  • Assurance of IPR security – your intellectual property is in safe hands with us
  • Complex assembly capable of merging mechanics and electronics seamlessly
  • Advanced testing facilities
  • Access to all of Nolato Group's expertise and technologies

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Patric Mattsson
Patric Mattsson

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