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The All-In-One Solution by Nolato: Combining Local and Global For You

As a customer of Nolato, you get access to the unique benefit offered from combining world-class, cross-sector knowledge and technologies and putting it within your local reach as One Nolato. This is the Nolato distinction.

For us, it is important to collaborate closely with you in order to make good feedback-based decisions which includes access to our collective intelligence and extensive resources throughout the entire group.

Since the company’s beginning, our operations are built on the basic premise that strong individuals working together in cooperation and sharing knowledge and ideas, can create a more successful partnership with you and one another than we can individually.


A healthy combination of individuals and the united whole

This means that we today are a highly decentralized company, forming a nurturing foundation for the ongoing commitment and motivation of our individual partners to mutually benefit from joining forces towards the same progress. It also makes it possible for quick and efficient decision making because the stakeholders, experts and decision makers are mingling in close collaboration.

So, even if Nolato comprises several active elements, it’s the united whole that defines us. And even if our organizational architecture is minimally hierarchical and we are more flat than triangular, we are structured to optimize short decision-making chains and shared influence on all levels. This structure plays a defining role in what characterizes us.


The One Nolato principle


We are One Nolato supporting you

Our progressive activities are motivated by our communal interests. We share the same values, technologies and goals. No matter where we are in the world. No matter what part of Nolato we are working in.

The foundation of all our cooperation relies on the sharing of an individual unit's expertise in development and production, well adapted to meet your specific needs and desires. This local unit can, if needed, always get support from all other units, with their experts and capabilities.

That's what we call One Nolato. Always supporting you, without any geographical or organizational boarders.


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