Customer-unique products

We are innovators with great insight into the packaging requirements of the pharmaceutical and VMS industries. As a result, we can resolve even the most complex packaging challenges. Our flexible approach, combined with our wealth of design resources and extensive knowledge of efficient manufacturing technology, means that we can always help - regardless of whether customers want to improve an existing packaging design or develop a brand new, customised packaging solution for their product.

Resources for optimal time-to-market development

 Whenever we develop new packaging solutions or improve on existing ones, we are geared towards resolving any challenges that the perfect packaging brings. We offer a well-established project structure and clear project management, with staff who have extensive experience of working within the customer’s network and delivering results. Working in close collaboration with us ensures the resources, control and tools needed for efficient development and optimal time-to-market.


From idea to validated, high-volume production

 For us, the cornerstones of the development phase include:

  • 3D prototyping
  • Tool simulation
  • Lean project management
  • Assembly design
  • Risk analyses
  • Research planning
  • Tool procurement
  • Process validation
We are fully equipped to take over existing designs and tools and integrate them into our production. Being part of the Nolato Group means that we are always close to a source of extensive technical know-how in a wide range of interrelated business areas. Together with our in-depth knowledge of various plastic moulding techniques, the group’s resources allow for secure, validated high-volume production.


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Anci Petersson
Nolato Cerbo Anci Petersson +46 703 199223
Prashan Selvakumar
Nolato Jaycare Prashan Selvakumar +44 191 296 2729

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