Ophthalmics packaging

Safety in ophthalmics

Medical Solutions Pharma Packaging offers a full range of primary plastic packaging for ophthalmic products. Our impressive product range includes standard containers, droppers and closures in numerous designs and sizes as well as products customised to specific customer designs.

Secure Packaging

We have been developing and manufacturing proprietary and customised eye care products for major ophthalmic producers for many years. Today, we offer a large range of proprietary eyedroppers with packaging that fits your requirements in terms of appearance, barrier properties, drug compatibility, filling volumes and drop size. We put patients first - by offering features such as flow control, sterile products and tamper-evident systems.

Bottles, droppers and closures are manufactured in cleanrooms compliant to ISO Class 7. We also have extensive experience in managing the sterilization process qualification according to ISO 11137.


Products & Features

  • Dispensing systems including dropper bottles, nozzles and closures
  • Sizes ranging from 4 ml to 550 ml
  • Tamper-evident systems
  • Containers made of HDPE
  • Droppers and closures in HDPE, LDPE and PP
  • Printing on containers (dry-offset and silk screen)


Compliant Quality

Knowing the extensive requirements of our customers we focus on providing a high level of compliance and documentation with our products. In general, our products have full conformity with the European Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopeia with Drug Master Files.

  • Certified in accordance with ISO standards 15378, 9001, and 14001.
  • In-line camera vision inspection systems
  • Integrated metal detection systems
  • Detailed product documentation
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) protocols in place
  • Cleanrooms compliant to ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8
  • Batch documentation is retained for at least 5 years
  • Full traceability throughout the manufacturing process
  • Automated dimensional qualification and checking
  • Managing sterilization process qualification according to ISO 11137


Our range

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