Focus on:  Responsible business conduct

Our Basic Principles

– We are professional and aim to achieve long-term profitability.

– We focus on the needs and wishes of our customers.

– We combine expertise and experience with innovative approaches.

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– We ensure our operations are well organized.
– Our operations are based on a shared foundation.
– We grasp opportunities and solve problems where they arise.

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– We are responsible for all aspects of our business.
– We work actively towards sustainable development.
– We operate with integrity and openness.

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The Nolato Spirit

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Nolato has a long tradition of responsible business conduct. It is part of our spirit to take responsibility for what we do and always apply sound business ethics. We believe that a future-oriented, responsible approach is not only necessary from a sustainability perspective, but also creates opportunities and business benefits. Especially when combined with our strong focus on efficiency and professionalism.

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Nolato and responsible business conduct

A proactive approach, new business opportunities, responsibility and transparency are core elements of Nolato’s long-term strategy to create growth and value for stakeholders.
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Group-wide long-term sustainability targets

Our corporate responsibility work is undertaken systematically according to specifik targets and results are measured in detail and followed up.
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Application of sound business ethics

Our business operations should always be characterised by integrity, ethics and responsibility. We take a zero-tolerance approach on bribery and corruption.
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Our code of conduct

Nolato's code of conduct provides guidance on how our business principles and values should be put into practice. It is based on documents such the UN Global Compact, international guidelines and conventions, and the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard.

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Our sustainability report for 2020

Our sustainability report for 2020 is made in accordance with GRI Standards and Global Compact.
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