Focus on: Sustainability

Nolato and responsible business conduct

A proactive approach, new business opportunities, responsibility and transparency are core elements of Nolato’s long-term strategy to create growth and value for stakeholders.

Nolato has established a long-term sustainable development strategy. The strategy encompasses activities within social responsibility, business ethics/financial responsibility and the environment. We can demonstrate progress within these areas, but the challenge of improving products’ environmental attributes requires cooperation with raw material suppliers and customers. An important aspect of the strategy is taking a systematic approach to developing resource-efficient production methods and products with a small carbon footprint.


This is what we mean by responsible business conduct:
  • A proactive approach – We will be the experts regarding the impact of our business on people, the environment and society. We reduce risk and cost through preventive measures, risk analysis and investments in modern technology.
  • New business opportunities – Through resource-efficient production and greater use of environmentally sustainable raw materials, we generate business opportunities and environmental benefits.
  • Responsibility and transparency – Nolato complies with international conventions and principles for sustainable development, including via being a signatory to the Global Compact. The long-term targets set out the road map for our sustainability work and we openly report on both our progress and setbacks encountered, according to international standards for sustainability reporting.
  • Our sustainable development strategy is part and parcel of our mission and business model. By creating safe and stimulating workplaces, minimising environmental impact and generating lasting value for our shareholders and stakeholders, Nolato is benefitting both business and society. In short, we aim to be customers’ first choice for sustainable development.

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