Compatherm Pad

Thermally conductive silicone pads

Compatherm Pad

Compatherm Pad is in our product family of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) and made with high quality materials designed to meet the most rigorous application demands. These soft, thermally conductive silicone pads can be used where heat must be conducted between a component and a heat dissipating surface, without any added stress, or to bridge a gap for increased heat dispersion. Compatherm Pads are available over a wide range of thicknesses, mechanical properties, liner solutions and thermal performance. We can also customize solutions based on your specific needs.


Compatherm Pad benefits

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Conformable at low pressure
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Cost-efficient
  • Customized solutions available
Compatherm Pads are offered in a range of thermal conductivities from one up to seven W/(m·K), and in hardnesses down to an ultra-soft Shore00 9. They possess a natural double-sided tackiness, but with our proprietary technology, we offer the option to remove the tackiness on either side with only a minimum impact on the thermal performance.



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Compatherm® is a registered trademark

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