Nolato Cerbo laboratory products

Nolato has been producing products for laboratories since 1960, with focus on hospital needs. Today we provide an extensive range of single use and reusable labware for clinical, chemical, research and industrial testing laboratories. Our products and services help our customers solve the day to day challenges and thus improve patient care.

Unique Design

Nolato offers a large variety of products dedicated to any laboratory. We design and manufacture plastic injection moulded products meeting expected quality and delivery performance for laboratories. Customised colours, features and designs can be developed and produced upon request.


Products & Features

  • Round containers with push on lids (sizes 50 ml to 1,500 ml)
  • Square containers with push on lids (sizes 100 ml to 2,100 ml)
  • Vials with push on lids
  • Containers with hinged lids (sizes 58 ml to 100 ml)
  • Test tubes and ergonomic caps in 4 different standard colours. Other colours available upon request
  • Sampling tubes and Transport tubes
  • Disposable tubes and containers for used hypodermic needles and hazardous waste
  • Eye Rinse Cup
  • Square and rectangular Boxes with integrated lids
  • Dental boxes
  • Measuring Spoons and Cups (sizes 10 ml to 42 ml) with ISO 13485 certification, CE mark and colour options
  • Slide Tubes (sizes 10 ml and 25 ml) with push on lids

Nolato Cerbo lab brochure

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